Tourism Information

    1. From Incheon airport to Hongik University Station Exit 8. Take the airport railroad at the airport. Get off at Hongik University Station.
    2. When you get out Exit 8 take a right turn and walk straight till you see the convenience store 'CU' on your right side.
    3. At the 'CU' take a right and walk diagonally to the square, you will come across another covenience store '7-eleven'. At this convenience store make a left turn.
      On the left side of the street you will see unique cafes and clothing stores, walk around 100 meters straight, follow the high stone walls on your right.
    4. At the end of the stone walls turn right and walk a few steps up and turn right at the end of the stone walls (still following the stone walls).
    5. Walk a few steps straight and you will see the YOKOREA sign on the left. It is in the same building as 'Chez Roll', entrance is next to it.

    Show this address to the taxi driver
    서울시 마포구 서교동 342-19, B1